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“I was in extreme pain with my back this winter. I am now 90% free of pain at present after 3 months of treatment “

– Janice Langer

As part of the chiropractic services offered at our Chiropractic Centre, Dr. Shaian Mollaret offers orthotics as well as gait analysis. Orthotics help about 75% of the population who may suffer with some sort of foot pain making it hard to continue doing activities that they enjoy.

How do orthotics help?

Orthotics support your arches so that your muscles and ligaments don’t have to work as hard to hold the arches in place. With regular use, orthotics help the overworked muscles in your feet relax and the weaker muscles strengthen so that you have more effective and efficient foot function. This alleviates pain and lets you get through your day more easily.

There are a few common causes for foot pain:

  • Plantar fasciitis– pain in the arch of the foot
  • Heel spurs- pain in the heels
  • Achilles Tendonitis-pain at the back of the foot and ankle

Some things you can do at home to decrease foot pain are:

  • Ice the area of pain
  • Stretch out the foot and calf muscles
  • Rest your feet

If the pain continues or starts to get worse, you may want to consider putting custom fitted orthotics in your shoes.

But my feet don’t hurt!

Orthotics can help your feet even if you don’t have pain. Arches are affected by gravity. If they aren’t supported, they can actually fall and cause pain in your feet as well as in your knees, hips and low back in the future. Orthotics support the arches and prevent gravity from taking such a toll on them.

There are different types of orthotics that fit into most types of shoes and there are also ones specifically geared towards certain sports, like skiing, golfing and tennis. And if you’re looking for a sandal for the summer, there are styles of sandals that can have your custom fit orthotic built right into them.

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Insurance Coverage

Orthotics are covered my most insurance plans. Contact us for more information.

Orthotics help about 75% of the population will suffer with some sort of foot pain at some point in their lives which makes it hard to continue doing activities that we enjoy.