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Pande Family Chiropractic


My kids love coming to see you and always have such an incredible night’s sleep after their adjustments.
Deanne K.
We have been bringing our infant son for regular chiropractic care since he was one month old. Over the subsequent three months, he has been thriving and we have no doubt that his weekly adjustments with Dr. Shaian Mollaret have played a part in his development. He is an excellent sleeper and also has been sitting straighter when he’s in his car seat. This has been a huge contrast from our daughter at the same stage! Dr. Shaian Mollaret’s extremely gentle techniques and warm bedside manner are perfect for babies and we always feel comfortable and safe with our son under her care. Thanks for all your help Dr. Shaian Mollaret, we love you!
Daniel K.
My family has been seeing Dr. Shaian Mollaret regularly over the last year following the birth of our son. Dr. Pande began seeing our son proactively when he was just two days old and he has grown to be a healthy and well adjusted (pun intended) little boy. I have also seen Dr. Pande for treatment of a long standing neck pain and was impressed at the thoroughness of her diagnosis and precision with which she made the corresponding adjustments.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Pande to friends and family looking to address existing physical ailments or prevent against them, whether they are 8 hours or 80 years old.
Marcus B.


I have been a patient of Dr. Shaian Mollaret’s for over a year and I’m extremely pleased with my progress so far. Now that I’m pregnant, Dr. Shaian Mollaret has also been helping me with various aches and pains due to my state and I always feel more balanced and energized when I leave her office. The atmosphere there is always warm, kind and supportive and just seeing the pictures of pregnant women on her wall makes me feel more comfortable. I’m so thrilled to have Dr. Shaian Mollaret as part of my team of health professionals dedicated to making my pregnancy a success. Thank you so much!
Melanie G.

Neck Pain

In May, I decided once again to try to get some help for my back/shoulder/neck/jaw problem that has been plaguing me since the early 1980s. I have been to MANY experts who “tried” to help me over the years, including some very aggressive chiropractors. In fact because of those experiences I wasn’t sure I wanted to try the chiropractic avenue again, however, I had heard that Dr. Shaian Mollaret uses a gentler method that would not involve any twisting or cracking. I decided to give her a try. I was impressed by the sheer information she gave me . She also had me get xrays done (the only professional who had ever asked me to do that) so that we dcould see for ourselves how much work needed to be done. For the first time I finally felt that I could get better. Already in the first two months I have notices a dramatic improvement in that I am suffering less from headaches, stiff neck and sinus pain. Dr. Shaian Mollaret’s technique is totally non invasive and I feel very safe under her care. For anyone looking to improve their quality of life by living with more mobility and in less pain, I recommend Dr. Shaian Mollaret. Thank you!!!
Lini C.

T.M.J. (Jaw Pain)

I have had severe jaw problems, TMJ, for over 10 years.  I never thought that this problem could be fixed and I never imagined that chiropractic care would be the solution.  In just 16 appointments with Dr. Shaian Mollaret there is no more pain and my jaw functions normally again.  I am thrilled with the results and my jaw has not felt this good in 10 years.  I will continue to use Dr. Shaian Mollaret and I have no hesitation to recommend your services to anyone.
Sean S.

Sinus Pain

If you suffer from sinus pain or know someone who does, do not hesitate to see Dr. Shaian Mollaret. Before I started seeing her, every summer I had 2 months of severe pain. I would consume several bottles of Tylenol allergy sinus medication during that time just to be able to cope.  Since I have started seeing her, my sinuses do still plug up on occasion but it is not accompanied by the severe pain.  I believe that it is better for my overall health if I avoid unnecessary pain medication and Dr. Shaian Mollaret has helped me do this.
Diane P.

Back Pain

I have a steel rod in my back, which creates significant back pain for me. Given my condition, I have to be fairly careful who I let treat me. Dr. Shaian Mollaret promises a gentle technique with no cracking, twisting, or bending, which you can imagine is something that I would look for in a chiropractor.  I have to say that my treatments with Dr. Shaian Mollaret have been very successful.  She is able to find areas that need treatment and effectively work with them.  Since seeing her, my back pain has significantly reduced to a point where it is manageable.  I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of Dr. Shaian Mollaret given that many other treatments have been wholly ineffective or have only been successful for a period of about a week.
Brian B.
I am lying flat on my front on the examination table. My back is killing me. When I finally get up, I have immediate relief. Dr. Shaian Mollaret has once again surpassed expectations! While not completely pain free as yet, Dr. Shaian Mollaret has won me over with her clear and concise explanations followed by that advertised gentle technique of which I now have firsthand experience.
Lawrence F.

Carpal Tunnel

Dr. Shaian Mollaret has been wonderful, very friendly and has helped my carpal tunnel problem to go away. I was unable to do grocery shopping, hold grocery bags, write or type properly. I was in constant pain every day. Now, the pain in my wrists have immensely decreased. I was unable to move or bend my wrists, now I can do so without any pain. She’s been very professional, helpful and is a fabulous doctor.
Cindy M.


Dr. Pande has patiently taken the time, asked the questions and implemented a treatment plan that has allowed me to get a full night’s rest, feel a foot taller and improved my golf score by 10 strokes. With her outstanding approach and treatment, both my upper and lower back is now more flexible than it has been in a few years.
Steve M.
I strongly recommend Dr. Shaian Mollaret and her gentle technique to anyone with pain in the neck, back, legs, arms, hands…well, you get the point – pretty much anywhere.
Y. M.

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Pande Family Chiropractic

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