Nutritional Cleansing

The Isagenix System

Dr. Shaian Mollaret has been a chiropractor for 19 years. Over those years different nutrition and supplement companies approached her, hoping she would sell their products in the office. She never found one that she liked or felt comfortable telling her patients about. Consequently, no products were sold in Pande Family Chiropractic.

Then Dr. Shaian Mollaret was introduced to Isagenix. She did her research and liked what she read. She tried the products and loved them! The whey protein comes from grass-fed cows and the products are gluten- free, and organic, with no artificial sweeteners or fillers.

Before recommending the program to patients, Dr. Shaian Mollaret was her own guinea pig. On the 30 day cleanse she lost 9 lbs! That was enough proof for her. Dr. Shaian Mollaret is now an Isagenix Consultant and offers these outstanding products are through her office.

Weight loss isn’t the only benefit Isagenix can provide. Increased energy, better sleep or improved athletic performance can be possible through the Isagenix systems.

To help spread the word of this amazing system, Dr. Shaian Mollaret provides free initial consultations for anyone interested.

30 Day Cleanse

Our most popular system is the 30 day cleanse. On average, weight loss is 9 lbs of fat. The 30 day cleanse is broken down into 6 shake days and 1 cleanse day a week.

Shake days involve replacing 2 meals with the Isalean Shake, 2 healthy snacks and a 400-600 calorie meal.

Cleanse days are a day to give the gut a rest. Research shows that adding a fasting day to weight loss programs is very effective.

This is similar to the concept of intermittent fasting, except you drink a berry beverage 4 times a day, have some light snacks and can even eat chocolate!

Before starting the cleanse, Dr. Shaian Mollaret will meet with clients to take measurements/weigh in and go through the program thoroughly. She will provide her personal cell phone number so she can be contacted via text or calls at any point during the cleanse. Clients will weigh in again on Day 10 and Day 30.

On the last day of the cleanse she will review results and a maintenance program to make sure clients stay on track.

What happens AFTER you finish a 30 day cleanse?

Most people choose to continue having a shake for breakfast and doing cleanse days a couple of times a month, especially after an indulgent weekend!

The meal replacement bars are wonderful to add to your day and cheaper and WAY more healthy than a fast food lunch.

No two people are the same and Isagenix recognizes that. The systems are flexible and there is a system for everyone based on their health goals.

Ready to get started?

If you are interested in Isagenix products there are 2 options:

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  2. Set up a free consultation with Dr. Shaian Mollaret
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