Gentle Chiropractic Technique

What do you mean there’s no cracking?

“Dr. Maya’s technique is totally non-invasive and I feel very safe under her care.”

– L.C.

The chiropractic method Dr. Maya uses is very gentle- there’s no cracking, twisting or turning of the spine.

Instead, she uses a biofeedback instrument to find your specific inflammation areas. A low force, sustained pressure gently moves the vertebrae back into alignment, so that the nervous system can work properly, symptoms and pain can be reduced and overall health is increased.

This gentle chiropractic approach is perfect for seniors who are worried about osteoporosis or weak bones and for parents who want to feel more comfortable getting their children adjusted by a chiropractor.

It is also ideal for pregnant women who don’t want to be moved around more than necessary during their adjustment.

How should I feel after a chiropractic adjustment?

Different people have different reactions. Some chiropractic patients start to feel relief from their pain and symptoms right away. Others feel calmer and more relaxed. Still others feel no difference at all. All these reactions are normal. Many times after their first chiropractic adjustment a patient has a deeper than usual sleep that night.

Some patients feel soreness the day after a chiropractic adjustment. This is similar to the concept of being sore after exercising for the first time. Although the adjustment is gentle, it still produces an effect and change that may result in some discomfort.