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"For anyone who is sceptical about chiropractic treatments, put them aside for Dr. Pande will put you at ease with her charm and you will feel the better for it." H.G. - November 10th 2013

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Many people think of chiropractic as aggressive and not for them. Dr. Maya Pande has found a gentle way to help people feel better. There’s no cracking, twisting or turning of the spine at Pande Family Chiropractic!

Dr. Maya Pande is a Yonge & Eglinton Chiropractor and is the owner of Pande Family Chiropractic.

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— August 10, 2016 —
Change is hard but sometimes not changing is harder. After much thought, I’ve decided to change the chiropractic method I use in the office. As most of you know, I use a biofeedback instrument to help me find out where to adjust you. I’ve used this method for my whole career but over the past […]
Maya Pande
— June 29, 2016 —
I had to say goodbye to my father last week. He died unexpectedly on Father’s Day after spending the day with family and friends. It was quite a shock, especially since he was in a good mood and joking around with everyone earlier in the day. He was a teacher by profession and appropriately, taught […]
Maya Pande
— June 3, 2015 —
Do you have numbness or tingling down your arms or in your hands? It might feel like pins and needles all the time or only sometimes, and no amount of shaking your hands makes it feel better? Most people think that this is caused by decreased blood flow but it’s not! It’s actually a problem […]
Maya Pande